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    out, crawl out, or peep out of▓ the car under such circumstances without a ●speci

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    al permit from the guard, coun●tersigned under seal by the head-gua●rd, there was

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    no means of learning whether the e●ngineer had lost his courage ▓or merely caught

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sight of a wild flower that ▓particularly took his fancy. ▓ Such are the pleasures of a fourt▓h-class excursion in Germany.Tr

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avelers by ▓first-class, it is said, suffer ▓fewer inconveniences, but, however v●aried the accommodations may be,● the prices a

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re more so.At every booki▓ng-office is posted a placard giving the● cost of transportation to every oth▓er town in the Empire.H

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